Friday, January 12, 2007

change is never easy ...

My baby girl begins day care on Monday ...

For the past year and a half on two days a week my parents have been Little 'Ny's babysitters so I could go into the office, and the rest of the week I work from home so I could be with her. It has been an incredible experience to have that time with her for both myself and my parents.

Due to a promotion at work my boss needs me in the office part time 5 days a week. So, we had to rethink our schedule. After much debate Chris and I decided part time day care would be good for all of us. Little 'Ny can be around other kids and this would prepare her for preschool. My parents wouldn't have to make the long drive down every week. Chris will get a little more "daddy time". And, I would have adult interaction every day!

But, this transition isn't going to be easy! This week I took Little 'Ny to her new day care to visit and meet her teacher. The center director recommended we do this in hopes to get her feeling comfortable with her new surroundings. Overall, Little 'Ny liked her classroom. She discovered new toys, the teacher gave her stickers and she got some fruit loops! But, when I left the room for 10 minutes the tears started rolling. And, when we were leaving the tears started again!

I guess this is all good. She has developed the attachment to me, but likes her new day care. She just needs to trust that I will come back for her. Now, I just need to figure out how to get us all up and out the door before 8am!

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