Monday, August 27, 2007

bad mommy award goes to ...

I was getting Little 'Ny out of the car at her school this morning when she noticed her container of crackers and stuck her little left index finger out at the moment I closed the car door. The horrible scene felt like it was taking place in slow motion. The tip of her finger looked like it was being eaten by the car! I threw the door open as she began to wail. I quickly ran into her school screaming for an ice pack.

Little 'Ny has an obsession with eating ice, so this quickly distracted her from the current pain she was in. We were able to get her to bend her finger to make sure it wasn't broken. There was no blood and she didn't wince when I put pressure on it. So, we all concluded that her tiny finger would just be quite sore and swollen for a while.

With a heavy heart I brought her to her classroom. She asked her teachers to kiss her boo-boo and set off to eat the snack she got from the school cook.

I don't think there is anything worse than accidentally hurting your own child. Ugh ... what a way to start a day.

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