Monday, August 27, 2007

firebird junky

My husband has a love for music and I took dance and art lessons growing up. We wanted to make sure that Little 'Ny had these things in her life too, so to help introduce them we thought Disney's Little Einsteins would be a perfect TV show for her to watch. We were right; Little 'Ny fell in love with them. She has actually learned quite a bit from the show -- new words, dancing, imaginary instruments! We have quite the collection of Little Einsteins stuff too -- DVDs, CD, plush toys, bath tub toys, books. But, most recently we purchased the new Rocket's Firebird Rescue DVD and Little 'Ny is HOOKED! The girl can't get enough. It is one of the first things she thinks about in the morning. She asks to watch it on the car ride home from school. She even begs to watch it before bedtime (no such luck on this request). By her bath time yesterday we had watched Firebird 4 times! I have trying to limit her TV intake, but I guess she could be watching worse things.

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