Monday, October 1, 2007

all hail the california king

My parents purchased a house near by us and with it came an almost new California King. They didn't need the bed since they have a really good one already and this one was simply going to be for guests.

Our 4 year old queen size pillow top bed is not in bad shape, but my husband is a 200 lb, 6 foot man who takes over and thrashes our bed. Then you add a 2 year old who occasionally likes to snuggle with us in the AM. This equals mommy barely hanging on.
So, we swapped!
Unless you have a California King pillow top bed you won't really understand the slice of heaven that has taken over our bedroom. I have never slept so good (an with this horrible cold I need the sleep). I didn't even feel hubby get into bed last night. The beddings were not hanging off the bottom of the bed this morning. And, there was plenty of room for all of us to watch cartoons this morning.
So what if there barely enough room to meneuver around the sides of the bed, we have more than enough room at the foot. So what if we need to buy all new linens, I was sick of what we had anyways. A good nights rest is so much more important. Haven't you heard of the new findings on how lack of sleep is directly related to heart disease.
What a miracle this bed is! How did we ever live without it!

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