Saturday, September 29, 2007

first sign of fall

It's not the changing of the leaves or the chill in the air -- I live in SD where there are no seasons. It's not longer nights. It's not time for "back to school" since Little Miss D is in year-round day care.

Nope ... it is the horrible cold that is triggered by allergies I get every year around this time.

I suffer from allergies and asthma triggered by allergies. So, the dread of said horrible cold came over me when I woke up last week with a scratchy throat. One week later and it has taken over my sinuses and voice.

I am miserable. Kleenex has become an accessory. My horse voice is no longer sexy. And, they haze my brain is in is starting to negatively affect all aspects of my life. I need some help ... any recommendations out there?

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