Wednesday, September 26, 2007

hubs is home

Little 'Ny and I had been "Daddy-less" since Saturday at the crack of dawn when we had to drop him and his brother off at the airport. So, we spent all day Saturday playing (not shopping) at the mall and local toy store. Sunday was spent at home hanging out with my parents. Monday and Tuesday were pretty regular for us.

We were calling Daddy multiple times thoughout the day and I had taught her how to sort of say "Minnesota" when I asked her where Daddy was. She was pretty occupied with her new Dora Saves the Mermaids DVD and trying to be a mermaid herself in the bath tub.

But, by Tuesday, Little 'Ny started mentioning that her toys were sad because Daddy was not here. She would get frustrated when she would ask for Daddy and I would mention that he was coming home soon. The "Daddy-void" was beginning to take its toll.

So, yesterday I had Daddy come with me to pick Little 'Ny up from school. She was elated!

It is crazy how much changes with a 2 year old in just 5 days. Since Daddy was away Little 'Ny has started singing along with her favorite songs, she can said "mermaid" and "octopus" and she is putting her head under water at swim lessons (and in the bath tub).

Welcome home Daddy/Hubs!

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