Monday, October 15, 2007

one small peak amongst a valley

I have always said the life is full of peaks and valleys. Usually a peak or a valley will last a week or a month ... not today!

You would think as a project manager my personal life would be organized and efficient ... nope. I leave that type A personality for my day job. My finances and personal schedule are a mess. I am a closet procrastinator.

Today is the last day for taxes to be submitted ... and we waited until today to get it submitted. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get the paperwork mailed out, getting checks printed. At the same time I had to Western Union our mortgage payment so that is wasn't late.

To add salt to my wound the mechanic told me today that my Ford Explorer Limited was not drivable and would cost over $1,100 to fix ... we only paid $5,500 for it!!!!! Ack, time for a new car. Can you hear the coins clinking in my bank account?

All of this happened before noon. When I was finally home, checking my work email and warming up my lunch I started to relax. All too soon my cell phone rang. It was Delaney's school to say she had a temp of 102.7 degrees. I pick her up and took her to see her doctor. As I am getting her out of the car she start throwing up!

After some Tylenol and chicken soup she perked right up. At 6pm she was asking to take a bath and to go to bed. We have been working on having her sit on her potty before her bath. Usually she likes to read a couple of books while she is sitting there. TONIGHT SHE PEE PEED IN THE POTTY!!!!!!!!! It was the peak of my day.

The peak quickly went away when Delaney's temp jumped back up to 102.1 and she threw up 2 more times. I am in for a long sleepless night ... need another peak.

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  1. Dude, now that is what I can a crappy ass day. So sorry love!

    Hope Miss D is feeling better today. Motrin is a good friend. :) Not sure what do to with the barfing....

    Bummer about the car??? You just got that thing, it seems. Ugh!!!

    Well, at least Monday is over, right?

    Hold on!