Friday, October 19, 2007

a smell as sweet as a rose

The other day on my drive to work I was listening to my favorite morning radio show. They were talking about how a guy stayed with his girlfriend for 3 years even though he really didn't like her. What he did love about her was how she smelled!

A woman who used to work for Sephora's fragrance department called into the show. She explained that a smell might trigger a fond memory that causes you to feel good. The scent could be anything ... the smell of fresh cut grass reminding you of your father cutting grass, the smell of vanilla reminding you of your mother baking, the smell of mothballs reminding you of your grandparents house, etc. From this knowledge perfumes are based on.

It got me thinking about the scents that attract me and why.

Lychee ... I remember a fruit dish my mom made for family get togethers that had lychees. It was cold and refreshing. The smell is sweet and fruity.

Hot Tea with Lemon ... When ever I was sick my mom would make me a hot toddy to help me sleep. I remember the warmth of the tea enveloping my body. The steam and whisky making my drowsy.

Lime ... I haven't quite pinpointed this one, but I absolutely love lime. When I ask for water in a restaurant I ask for lime instead of lemon.

Chimney Fire ... It reminds me of the Thanksgivings we spent as a family with our friends in Lake Arrowhead. The chilly air. The smell of the lake, pine trees and snow. There was always a fire in the fireplace of our cabin.

There is a great fragrance company that has bottled scents like this -- Demeter Fragrance. Some of their popular fragrances are sold in places like Sephora, but there are other abscure ones like dirt or crayon.

So, what smells are you drawn to?

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