Friday, November 30, 2007

friday faves - holiday traditions

My parents have a group of friends we spent every Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve with when I was growing up. Each family had daughters and we were around the same age, so it was a lot of fun.

Our Christmas Eve was spent at the same house every year. They always got a huge Christmas tree and we would pile all of the gifts under it. We would have a wonderful Christmas dinner -- adults at the adults table and kids at the kids table. After dinner we would all gather in the living room around the fire place and us girls would play Santa passing out the gifts. The floor would be covered in wrapping paper and bows. We would spend the rest of the evening telling stories and laughing. The parents would have after dinner drinks while us kids enjoyed Christmas sweets. Afterward we would all head to midnight mass. I fell asleep on my dad's shoulder every time!

Once all of girls were in our 20s this tradition started to change. The oldest got married and started spending every other Christmas with her in laws. Next thing you know all of us girls were married. It was sad that this tradition I had known my entire life was coming to an end.

But, I married in to a family that had a Christmas Eve open house every year. My mother-in-law cooks a huge spread. There is some gift giving and always lots of laughter. It is not the same, but it is a tradition.

Now that we have our own little family maybe we can start a Christmas tradition with Little 'Ny.

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