Saturday, November 10, 2007

nablopomo 10: gifted

I have never been one of those "Type A" moms. I have always believed Little 'Ny should develop at her own pace. But, like all moms I hope my little one has advanced intelligence.

Little 'Ny has always been a bit early in her development -- walking at 9 months, saying 4 syllable words, putting together 5+ word sentences, counting to 12, able to identify colors. But, there are things she is struggling with -- she stumbles through her ABC, she has no interest in potty training.

But, today at dinner her Nana noticed something remarkable. To occupy Little 'Ny during dinner at restaurants I letter play with sugar packets. She likes to sort and match things, so sugar packets are perfect. Her Nana, who has worked in child education mentioned that this type of skill is not usually developed until a child reaches 3. What was even more amazing was that Little 'Ny was taking one sugar packed from each pile and giving them to each of us at the table - a skill usually developed around the age of 4. Little 'Ny is only 2.5 years old!

Do I have a gifted child on my hands? I don't know, but I am sure am proud of her! Will I now become one of those "Type A" moms? Gawd, I hope not! I am just happy to have more evidence that I am doing something right!

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