Thursday, November 8, 2007

nablopomo day 9: organic and made in the usa

It seems that not only are we killing our planet, but now we are also putting our children's lives in danger! Every day there is another product recall -- toys with lead paint, shampoo/soap with cancer causing chemicals, and now GHB coated beads! What is going on?

As a consumer, and a mom, I have always been conscientious of reading labels, but now I am constantly looking for organic products made in the USA.

With holiday shopping season kicking off these recalls are making my gift list shorter and shorter. Gift cards, books and clothes might be the only safe things to give this year! This could be a good thing since our budget has been tight lately and it will force me to be a bit more creative!

What are your favorite organic kids products?

Make sure you sign up for recall alerts on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website and check out the Skin Deep Safety Guide To Children's Personal Care Products.

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