Thursday, November 8, 2007

nablopomo day 8: hair envy

Today's post is inspired by Whoorl's Hair Thursdays. I have been seriously thinking about doing something drastic with my hair ... but what? Then I look at Little 'Ny's hair and I actually become envious of my 2.5 year old's hair!

She was born she had an incredible full head of hair. I got so annoyed after being asked if I had a lot of heart burn when I was pregnant with her ... IT'S AN OLD WIVES TALE, PEOPLE!

Her hair never fell out. It just sort of broke off in the back, but kept growing. By 8 months old she had these funky long ringlets on the sides while the back was cropped short. My mom is a hair stylist and gave Little 'Ny her first (and only) hair cut to even it out.

20 months later Little 'Ny has these perfect loose ringlets that fall to the middle of her back, a natural deep part and these gorgeous red highlights. People have actually asked me if I use curlers or a curling iron on her hair ... SHE IS A TODDLER, PEOPLE!

My husband's hair is a bit wavy, but thin. My hair is very thick and straight, but in humidity it gets wavy. So, where did her GORGEOUS hair come from ... and, can I have it implanted into my scalp?

Little 'Ny Hair Care:

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