Tuesday, November 20, 2007

nablopomo 20: ten reasons I know I'm a mom

It is funny when you come to realize that you have officially joined Club Mom. Here are a few of my reasons:
  1. I have a 6-disc CD changer in my gas guzzling SUV, not one of the CDs that are in there I would want to listen to unless Little 'Ny is in the car.
  2. After dropping Little 'Ny off at school I am half way to work when I realize I am still listening to Little Einsteins.
  3. As I am building a project plan at work I realize I am humming the Little Einsteins theme song.
  4. When Delaney smears food on my shirt I just shrug my shoulders and say "eh."
  5. I have a Minnie Mouse sticker permanently stuck to my gorgeous red Guess wallet and a Dora sticker stuck to my butt.
  6. I carry a balloon weight in my purse because you never know when someone is giving a balloon.
  7. I find crushed up gold fish crackers at the bottom of my new Coach purse.
  8. Boogers, poop and vomit don't gross me out any more (well, only if it comes out of Little 'Ny).
  9. I have Goodnight Moon memorized.
  10. Sleeping has become a luxury.

Tell me what has made you realize you are a mom?

1 comment:

  1. We're going on a trip, on our favourite rocket ship...

    I also always sing the Wonder Pets theme song when we're all working on something together.

    What's gonna work? TEAM work!

    Oh, dear ;)