Monday, November 26, 2007

nablopomo 26: monday mommy tip

On Saturdays when there is not much going on I like to take Little 'Ny to the mall. This mall is geared to families. It has an in door playground perfect for little kids. You can checkout one of those play car shopping carts. There is a family friendly lounge with breastfeeding rooms, diaper wipes in warmers, changing tables, and a microwave. And, most of the stores give balloons with weights to prevent them from flying up to the ceiling.

My mommy tip to you is to hold on to those balloon weights. I keep a bunch in my car, a couple in my purse and some in my diaper bag. Little 'Ny hates having balloons tied to her wrist, and you never know when there is a balloon opportunity. By keeping one of these little babies in your bag your little one can get a balloon without the worry of it blowing away in the breeze.

1 comment:

  1. Your family lounges have MICROWAVES???

    I am so moving to the States.