Sunday, November 25, 2007

nablopomo 25: laryngitis and a movie

My entire life I have suffered from allergies. As I got older I developed allergy related asthma. So, whenever I get sick the nasty virus goes straight to my bronchi and larynx leaving with me with almost no voice and a nasty cough. I usually get sick in the Spring and Fall when allergens are at their peak. So, as usual I am sick.

With my voice not much louder than a whisper and my Hubby who has been suffering from a nasty ear infection leaving him temporarily deaf in one ear it isn't fun nagging him to take out the trash and recycling. Trying to read bedtime stories to Little 'Ny isn't much of a party either especially when the kid seems to be wide awake at her normal bedtime.

When my master chef mom heard how sick I was she quickly whipped up her scrum-didly-umptious chicken and rice soup and rushed it right over with instructions for me to drink lots of tea and get some rest.

As a child I was always sick around the holidays. I remember a few years in a row I had the stomach flu. My mom would make me eat sweet potatoes because its a natural remedy for a sick stomach (thus my revulsion to sweet potatoes). I would sit in our living room watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with a warm bowl of orange colored mashed sweet potatoes.

Here I am years later sitting in my living room watching Elf with a warm bowl of my mom's soup ... thank goodness I don't have the stomach flu!

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