Thursday, November 29, 2007

nablopomo 29: too many rings circus

Have you ever had one of those days when it felt like you were at a three ring circus and you are the ring master? As a mom, that is close to every day. But, today I felt like I was trying to master way more than usual.

Hubs remembered this morning that our laundry room door was getting replaced today, so one of us needed to be home. Since I am still recovering from the cold from hell the responsibility fell on me.

Then at 8am I get a text message from my mom saying her and my dad were coming over so my dad to take a look at my car and they had to run some errands in my 'hood. What's 2 more people in my ity bity condo?

I take Little 'Ny to school. Hubs heads off to work. So, now I can get down to some business ... not personal business ... I mean my actual full time job. The door guys removing and rebuilding the door and my parents are futzing around my condo all while I am trying to conduct a client call.

11am Little 'Ny's school calls to let me know her lips are so chapped (she is breathing through her mouth due to her stuffy nose) that they are cracked and bleeding. I tell them to put some Vaseline on her lips, but they don't have any. Thank goodness I am just down the street. I leave the workers and my parents at the condo and speed to Little 'Ny's school with a container of Vaseline so that I can make it back in time for my next client call.

Finally, after lunch things started to calm down ... parents leave and client calls are over. Next thing I know it is 3pm! Time to pick up Little 'Ny and make a quick trip to the grocery store. As I am grabbing a jug of milk from the cooler I remember that I had to pick up our tickets for Breakfast with Santa at the mall TODAY!

Little 'Ny and I rush home to drop off the milk before heading off to the mall. I was dreading the trip ... rush hour traffic and a mall packed with holiday shoppers ... ugh. But, I was pleasantly surprised ... no traffic, no crazy shoppers!

Instead if running in and out I decided to take Little 'Ny up to the second floor play ground. The playground was fairly empty. Little 'Ny had a great time climbing up and down the little log slide until a little 4 year old boy decided he didn't want to share the slide and started pushing Little 'Ny around. First he pushed her down the slide. I took notice, but didn't say anything. Then when she was trying to climb up the steps to slide again he pushed her face so that she stumbled. That time I jumped up to keep her from falling backwards. I told him not to push and to share. But, when he slid down and Little 'Ny was getting ready to slide down he reached up and smacked her leg then her face. This time I had it ... WHERE WAS HIS PARENT?!?!?!? I loudly said "Hey, stop that! It's not nice to hit!" Finally, his mother jumped in. She snatched him up as I grabbed a crying Little 'Ny.

What happened next actually left me a bit appalled. The mom apologized to me, asked her son why he hit the little girl, put on his shoes, and shuttled him off in a stroller while he drank his soda. That is fine that she apologized to me, but where was his apology to Little 'Ny? As parents shouldn't we be teaching our children manners and compassion?

After that episode Little 'Ny didn't want to play anymore. So, I took her over to the pet store. They had puppies out and let her hold one in her lap. Little 'Ny forgot all about the mean little boy thanks to the puppy kisses!

Once she started asking for a hot dog I knew it was time to head home. I was exhausted. What a day. Let's hope tomorrow is less chaotic ...

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