Thursday, December 6, 2007

first night away ... and freezing

Today marks a major milestone in my world of parenting ... we are on our first vacation WITHOUT Little 'Ny.

We have come to Chicago for a winter wedding. Our flight to Minnesota was delayed and we had to run to our connecting flight which was moved 15 minutes early to stay ahead of the weather. It is 25 degrees outside and a snow storm is supposed to roll through Chicago tonight.

And, this is why we decided it would not be a good trip for Little 'Ny. Could you imagine our tiny 2.5 year old SoCal princess dealing with these travel and weather conditions? It would not be a fun trip. So, Hubs and I figured that it was time we had our second honeymoon!

I love Chicago and can't wait for the morning to go exploring or for the wedding reception to party with my friends. I don't have to worry if I have a little too much to drink because I don't have to drive and I won't have Little 'Ny calling for me at 6:20am. My goal this trip to sleep in every morning! Sad, I know, but if you are a mom you know know what I am talking about!

Leaving Little 'Ny behind was not easy. I actually brought her baby blankee with me (we have 3 of them so that if one gets dirty and needs a wash she is never without one). We have called her 2x to chat with her. We have looked at her picture at least 10x. I know she is doing fine with her grandparents, but I miss my baby! Can you blame me ... it is my first night away from her!

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  1. glad you finally broke the seal. well done!!! hehe