Saturday, December 8, 2007

second night away ... and spinning

We made it through our first night without a midnight wake up call or early morning Little 'Ny alarm. But, I still did not sleep in. I just couldn't between the jet lag and the fact that I am simply used to waking up at 6:30am PT.

It was cloudy and cold out. Snow blanketed everything, but we were prepared to head on out. First on the agenda was calling to check up on Little 'Ny. She had a great night sleep and did pretty good getting dropped off at school that morning.

Second on the agenda ... Chicago deep dish pizza! We headed over to Gino's East Pizzaria. This place was amazing. They let their patrons write all over their walls, so of course we left our mark (photo to come). We got the traditional deep dish with a sausage patty. I have to admit the pizza was good, but not what I expected ... I still prefer New York style pizza.

Next on the agenda was heading down to the United Center to buy tickets to the Blackhawks vs. Calgary Flames hockey tickets. We took a cab there, but he didn't stick around. So, we began trudging our way through the snow looking for a cab. About 10 blocks later we were so darn cold we decided to stop in the closest bar for a drink to thaw us out. That lucky bar was the West End. We grabbed two seats at the bar and ordered our drinks. Two nice guys were sitting next to us, so we struck a conversation. They were so incredibly nice. Many drinks later we found out that they were one of the owners of the bar and our tab was comped. Hopefully we will get to see them again one day in San Diego.

After our detour we headed on to our next destination ... Landmark Grill & Lounge for dinner with my girlfriends and their spouses followed by a cocktail party meet & greet with people attending the wedding. It was a a long night with a lot of wine. Too much wine for this lightweight mommy. Needless to say Hubs had to pour me into bed.

My brain hurts this morning. But, hey, I slept in past double digits!

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