Friday, January 11, 2008

friday faves - game show / reality show

Don't laugh at me, but my favorite reality show is So You Think You Can Dance. Growing up I wanted to become a professional dancer, but my parents dreams of me becoming an office professional took over my dreams. So, this show is my guilty pleasure into the world of dance. My husband thinks I am a complete dork for watching it ... oh well, it makes me smile!

My other favorite is American Idol. I just love the auditions and freakouts! And, this year there might actually be some San Diegans in the running!!!


  1. Oh, I'm not laughing! I'm VERY serious about my So You Think You Can Dance.... And, my American Idol!! ;)

    Actually, I think SYTYCD is amazing and full of REALLY talented people -- dancers, choreographers, judges. Nothing to be ashamed about there! :)

  2. I only like watching those shows while the weed out the bad ones. As embarassed as I feel for them, it's fun to watch them make fools of themselves. And there are fools a plenty.