Friday, January 4, 2008

pass the soy sauce please

Little 'Ny got one of the coolest toys ever for Christmas from my cousin ... the Melissa & Doug Wooden Sushi Set.

It comes in a bento box and even includes a green wooden wasabi blob and ginger felt strips. The chopsticks have Velcro on the ends to that it sticks to the sushi roll pieces making it easy for little fingers to control them. How freakin' fun is that!

At first I was a bit freaked out over the wooden cleaver, but then I realized that you can Velcro the sushi roll pieces together and use the cleaver to cut them apart. Voila, you are a sushi chef!

We are big sushi eaters including Little 'Ny (no raw fish for her of course). So, this has been a great form of entertainment and imagination for her. Not to mention it is helping to improve her dexterity. Now that is a toy!


  1. I want this so bad for BB and I HATE raw fish. That's how cute it is. I've been eyeballing it for years.

  2. Melissa and Doug are awesome toys! ( I get them for my nieces alllll the time )

  3. That is the custest thing I've ever seen :)