Wednesday, January 2, 2008

a better year

A year ago I made some lofty new year resolutions. Did I succeed in meeting all of them? (Imagine me laughing hysterically like a mad woman.) Nope. In fact, I think my chocolate consumption has grown into a level that would consider me an addict. Are there rehabs for chocoholics? I did read 3 books this year ... none of them were the ones I mentioned, but at least I read 3 books cover to cover! My closets are still cluttered, my bathroom & kitchen still look the same and my body is getting more and more stiff every day.

But, I have gotten my credit score a little bit higher, I have started a savings account for Little 'Ny, and I did more philanthropic work this year than I did the year before. So, all in all not too shabby!

resolution: noun. the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones.

This year am simplifying my resolution list to only one thing ... to be a better person/mom/wife/daughter.

I know it sounds like a vague and impossible resolution. But, think about it ... there is no limit or check list. There are ways to meet this resolution ...
  • budget & save better
  • spend more quality time with Little 'Ny and Hubs and less time with my computer
  • get off the couch and out of the house more
  • find ways to be more "green"
  • improve the health of my body and mind
  • simplify my chaos

Here is to a better and more simple year ...

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