Tuesday, March 4, 2008

gems in the rough

Little 'Ny has been displaying typical terrible two behavior the past few days. Pretending to ignore us when we ask her to do something, not wanting to eat her dinner, delaying naps and bedtime. Time outs have become a daily activity. I don't want to dimish the impact of this discipline tactic, but something must be working.

Tonight Little 'Ny said she didn't want to eat anymore when she had almost a full plate of food and she kept asking for more bread. When I got her to eat a spoonful of noodles she chewed them up then spit them out all down the front of her shirt. We had had it, so I put her in time out on her designated "time out step". She sobbed and cried out "I love you, Mommy" hoping I would break. After her 2 minutes of time out I told her should could come back to the table if she was ready to eat her dinner. She came back to the table and finished her dinner without putting up another fight.

Before I put her in her crib she likes to cuddle with me. Tonight was no different. As I was cuddling her she looked at me and said "Sorry for spitting, Mommy. Sorry." It melt my heart. Terrible twos are rough at times, but these shinning moments make it all worth it.

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