Saturday, March 1, 2008

little bag of sunshine

Little 'Ny's favorite book of the moment is Dora's Fairy-Tale Adventure. In the story Dora has a little bag of sunshine she uses to turn winter into spring. We have been reading this book every night this week before bedtime.

As most of you know I am a self proclaimed chocoholic. I can't seem to go a day with out it. My favorite is a Godiva milk chocolate truffle. On the weekends if it is not "outdoor" weather I take Little 'Ny to the mall. It is very kid friendly, safe and warm place for Little 'Ny to burn energy. And for me ... there is a Godiva store!

Today, was a perfect "mall day". As usual, got her feet measured at Nordy's kids shoe department and got a balloon, we visited the puppies and bunnies at the pet store, played at the playground, read lots of books at the book store, grabbed a Hot Dog on a Stick and made our pit stop at the Godiva store. While I was ordering my favorite truffles I hear Little 'Ny say "what about me?" She had been especially good today, so I said she could have a little milk chocolate chick for AFTER her nap (knowing full well that she would forget all about it by the time she wakes up). The lady was bagging up our order when Little 'Ny piped up again "I hold the bag, Mommy?" So, I asked if I could have an extra little bag to put her milk chocolate chick in for her to carry. Little 'Ny was delighted!

To wear her out indulge Little 'Ny I figured we could make one more lap around the mall so she could run proudly carrying her little Godiva bag. As we were walking Little 'Ny turns to me and holds up her little bag and says "Mommy, its my little bag of sunshine!" I just smiled and said "Yes, honey, it is a little bag of sunshine!"


  1. That is classic..I agree with her, having a bag of Godiva IS just like a little bag of did she get so smart :-)

    I may have to use that..I'll give her credit, don't worry!

  2. Oh that soo adorable! She's such a smart little gal!