Tuesday, March 18, 2008

kids can be heroes!

Little 'Ny will be participating in her first fundraising event ... the March of Dimes WonderWalk at her school!

Growing up I was member of the National Charity League. By the end of high school I had completed almost 700 hours of community service. As an adult I have continued giving back in any way I can including working for a company that has developed a software to help non-profits fundraise online. I am excited to introduce Little 'Ny to the world of volunteering and community service.

When I was pregnant with Little 'Ny I had wonderful medical benefits and doctors, as well as a flawless pregnancy and delivery. We were blessed that she was a very healthy baby born two weeks before her actual due date. Even though she is tiny for her age she continues to grow into a happy and healthy little kid. But, some of my friends and family members have not been as blessed -- experiencing difficult pregnancies, very sick babies, developmental issues and even losing their child. So, March of Dimes is a cause close to my heart.

Since Little 'Ny will be walking I will be collecting her donations! Please contact me if you would like to support her and the March of Dimes. You can also donate online.


  1. That's great! We support March of Dimes, too.
    My kids are involved with the charities I work with. I'm very involved with a Safe Haven group here, and have just started working with a crisis center and the local prevent child abuse chapter. As you can see, I'm all about helping kids - and having MY kids involved as well.
    You and 'Ny are doing great things!

  2. I'm a team leader for a group of moms who will be walking with our own babies on April 20th. It's great to read about other mommies from across the states doing the same thing! It almost feels like we are walking together :) Have a great weekend!