Saturday, March 22, 2008

on the hunt

Little 'Ny refused to see the Easter Bunny today. Every time his name was brought up she was reduced to tears. So, we replaced that time with two egg hunts!

First we went to the Henry's Farmers Market annual egg hunt. The store was separated in two sections. The right side was for the 5 year olds and under. The left side was for the rest of the kids. We were the second people to get there. And, boy did it pay off. Check out all of the eggs Little 'Ny found ...

Next up was the Carmel Mountain Ranch Egg Hunt with Little 'Ny's best friend, Audrey. It was a beautiful spring day ... perfect for an outdoor egg hunt.

People are CRAZY! The first group out was for the 0-2 year olds, but there were kids out there much older than that. Parents were scrambling to grab as many eggs as they could. Poor Little 'Ny was practically run over at times.

In the end it didn't matter how many eggs you found. They were all empty. You simply turned in the empty eggs and everyone ended up with the same prize.

Little 'Ny didn't care about how much she got or what she got. She was thrilled with the prizes that were in the eggs she found at the egg hunt at her school the day before and the eggs from Henry's. She is such an easy kid. Give her a couple of jelly beans and a chocolate egg to play with and she is over the moon.

All of this festivities took place BEFORE her nap. So, stay tuned for her "after nap" posts about dying Easter eggs and decorating cupcakes ...

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