Friday, March 28, 2008

traffic, traffic ... looking for my chapstick

Thursday I had to drive up to LA to attend an all day creative discovery meeting with one of my clients. I had to leave San Diego County at the crack of dawn 6am to guarantee I made the 9:30am meeting. Before I hit the road I made a necessary stop at Starbucks for my favorite non-fat caramel latte. But, this morning called for a "venti" instead of my normal "tall".

With latte in hand and morning talk radio entertaining me I hit the road.

For the first hour and a half as I watched the sun rise the drive through Orange Count was traffic free and smooth sailing. I starting asking myself why was I so adamant about not moving back home after college ... living in LA might not be that bad. Maybe I could get a sweet job at Disney (Little 'Ny would LOVE that). Maybe I could move back to my old neighborhood (I would be closer to my best friend). Then I reached Los Angeles County line and got stuck in this ...

... for another hour and a half! I had only 30 more miles to go until I got to my destined exit. It was painfully bumpy stop-and-go traffic with smog creating cars and no end of the traffic in sight.

I went to college here in San Diego over 10 years ago when it was still a sleepy beach town ... traffic was unheard of. Now, it is a quickly growing county with lots of traffic. But, after driving in LA it made me appreciate where I live all over again. The fresh air. The "light" traffic. We have it good here.

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