Sunday, March 30, 2008

it was a good weekend

This weekend was slow ... how I like it. I spent great quality time with Little 'Ny and actually got some spring cleaning done (which was much needed).

Saturday Little 'Ny and I went to a local farmer's market to meet up with her best friend Audrey. Audrey's parents take her there every weekend to play in the bouncy house and go down the inflated slide. Little 'Ny wanted to go, but she was so scared that she wouldn't let me put her down. After 3 exhausting trips climbing up the HUGE inflated slide and sliding down with her in my lap then jumping up and down while holding her in the bouncy house I thanked Audrey's dad for buying the tickets and gave him the rest of them.

Little 'Ny was so upset in the car that she didn't have fun. I asked her why and she said she was scared because she is too small. Then I remembered at the St. Patrick's Day Festival she wanted to go on the inflated slide (it was about half the size of the one at the farmer's market) but they wouldn't let her because she is too small. She was so upset because of this and it seems that moment has stuck in her head.

We headed to my parents' house. She loves feeding the ducks at their lake.

The mallard ducks are mating now so you see them swimming around in pairs. But, their lake is filled with these strange "mud" ducks. They are black with bright yellow beaks, very strange webbed feet that look like leaves and make a sound more like a squawk rather than a quack.

Once the bread bag was empty we had a very nice lunch at a local fish restaurant. Little 'Ny loved all of the fish tanks. She kept asking where Nemo and Dory were.

It was a good Saturday ... until the migraine ruined it. It was slow in developing starting around 5pm. I went straight to bed as soon as Little 'Ny fell asleep hoping to prevent the headache from becoming a migraine. I fell asleep before 10pm (when was the last time I did that???). But, alas ... by 2am it was a full blown migraine. I slept through it as best I could, but it made its way into my dreams. When Little 'Ny woke up at 6am I took two Excedrin® Tension Headache tablets and prayed for sweet relief. It came around 9am.

I *heart* Excedrin®. It made the rest of my Sunday tolerable. I got half of the laundry done, the bathroom and bedrooms cleaned, all of the dishes done and played with Little 'Ny.

Overall, it was a good weekend.

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  1. She's so adorable. It's tough being "too small" I know my kids hearts were broken time and time again because they were too small for this or that :(