Tuesday, April 1, 2008

oh what a night

It was a rare night for Hubs and I ... a night out WITHOUT Little 'Ny.

I have become one of those moms that is rarely sans kid. Since I work full time and Little 'Ny is in preschool I love spending every non-working moment with her. We usually take her everywhere -- she was 25 days old when she went to her first San Diego Padres game. But, tonight we were forced to be "Little 'Ny free" ...

Hubs won tickets to see a private Jason Mraz performance for a local radio station at the rooftop J6 BAR in Downtown San Diego. It was perfect weather for martinis and an outdoor concert.

I really only know the popular Jason Mraz songs like Remedy [I Won't Worry]. But, I have to say he put on a great performance. His lyrics are captivating and relaxing. Oh yeah, and ... he's HOT! I might have to take someone off my list and add him!

After the concert we headed off to the San Diego Padres 2008 home opening game. Opening day is always a lot of fun. It draws a HUGE crowd of extremely enthusiastic baseball fans.

The fireworks, military fly-overs and opening ceremonies are fantastic, but the salute to the American flag was the most moving moment. I have been watching the new HBO John Adams series. Not only has it given me a refresher course on American history, but it has given me a new appreciation of the freedom this country offers it's citizens. If you have HBO and aren't watching it you need to. If you don't have HBO make sure you rent it as soon as it comes out.

By the end of the night Padres had beat the Astros 4-0. I got to meet Jason Mraz. Little 'Ny had fun night with her grand parents and aunt. Hubs and I got to spend a fun night together ... ALONE!


  1. I feel the same way - since I work full time and kids are in daycare full time I want to spend every minute with them when I can. But dates with hubby are also very important. I can't remember the last one we had.

  2. That's great! I bet my sister was probably working that show. What small world.

    Date nights rock. Especially when they're at a great concert.