Saturday, April 26, 2008

beating the heat

We are having a random heat wave this weekend. For some reason the weather keeps going from Winter to Summer back to Winter again ... can you say "Global Warming"? But, we managed to stay cool even with a super busy weekend.

After Little 'Ny's morning gym class it was party time. First, was a co-worker's house to celebrate her two sons' birthdays. It was way to hot to play in the bounce house or on the slide, but Little 'Ny had a great time shooting at the bubbles with her water gun. She gobbled down a hot dog and watermelon then we headed off to the second party.

Our friend Matt, who is in the Navy, is being deployed and it is his son Miles' first birthday. So, we headed over to their new house for some cupcakes and fun. Little 'Ny had a great time playing with Miles and all of his toys!

After cupcakes we headed off to the play ground down the street.

It was hot, but we had a good time. Tomorrow should be another warm day. Let's hope it is just as much fun!

Thumbs Up


  1. She looks like a model!! That picture picture in the wagon cracks me up!!

  2. OMG! Daelyn has the exact same outfit. She wore it on Friday. Too funny. And your little girl is gorgeous.

  3. I will one day get a RADIO FLYER wagon! We just don't have the room right now! Great photos girl soo cute!