Friday, April 11, 2008

girl crush

If you are a mom with a child who watches Playhouse Disney or other kids shows you probably get those catchy theme songs stuck in your head. You find yourself singing the theme to Dora the Explorer or Sesame Street in your head when you wake up in the morning, taking a shower, washing the dishes or out shopping. If you experience this then you know what it is like for me!

Little 'Ny loves to sing. Her current favorite song to sing is the new "We Are the Care Bears" song:

After seeing the above video I remembered seeing the same singer in the "My Friends Tigger & Pooh" video ... another song Little 'Ny used to sing all the time:

It was driving me crazy ... not only to have the songs stuck in my head, but trying to remember where have I seen this singer before. So, I started doing some Googling research. It's Kay Hanley from Letters to Cleo. I was not a follower of the band, but I knew their popular songs like Cruel to Be Kind.

The more I Googled researched Kay Hanley I started to like her more and more as an artist and a fellow working mom. This woman writes and sings the songs that get stuck in my head entertain my daughter. She is one cool chick ... I think I have a girl crush!


  1. I had Veggie Tales in my head yesterday - I think you enjoyed the songs stuck in your head much more than I enjoyed the ones stuck in mine :)

  2. I'm always singing Little Einsteins songs. Luckily, they're set to classical music, so it's not all bad. Except, when they keep me up at night.

  3. Yep, I understand. I love Laurie Berkner. She sings Victor Vito and Under a Shady Tree, showcased on Noggin :)