Wednesday, April 23, 2008


In January 2000 I made a new year resolution to find something that would inspire me to workout. I had gotten tired of eliptical machines, kick boxing and step classes. I enjoyed pilates, but it was so expensive.

Then one Tuesday I walked by a yoga studio on my way home from the local health food store. I had walked by it hundreds of times, but had never noticed it. In the window it advertised a free trial class. So, I thought to myself "why not?" I looked at the schedule and made a plan to go that Saturday morning.

The rest of the week was spent getting ready for the class ... buying a yoga mat and an outfit, researching the different kinds of yoga, trying not to let my nerves get the best of me.

Saturday morning I walked into the small hatha yoga studio. I was the first person there and no one was at the front desk. I could feel the heat eminating from the room. I started to get nervous. As I was about to turn to leave a very petite man came out and greeted me. He had a thick, warm Spanish accent that instantly calmed my nerves. He introduced himself as Tony Sanchez, the owner of the studio. At this point other students started coming in. It was too late for me to make a quiet getaway. So, I entered the studio and found my spot in the back right corner.

It was the most challenging 1 hour workout I had ever experienced. I walked out of that studio drenched in sweat and a new member of the studio. I was inspired ... I had never felt better. I started going 3 days a week. Six months later I had dropped almost 2 clothing sizes, my skin never looked better and I was the healthiest I have ever been in my life.

One of the instructors from the studio started teaching at the gym across the street from my office, so I started going there too. I was practicing 5 days a week and loving it.

Three years later I got married and we moved down here. Once unpacked the first thing I did was find a local yoga studio. I discovered Ginseng Yoga. When I wasn't working or at Ginseng I was practicing yoga at home using Yoga Challenge® I DVD. The company I work for provides a membership to the gym located on the office property. The gym offers yoga classes, so of course I went to them 3 days a week.

When I got pregnant I continued to attended prenatal classes at Ginseng Yoga and practiced at home using ZenMama with Rainbeau Mars: Prenatal Yoga Workout DVD.

Five and a half years after my first yoga class Little 'Ny was born. I practiced postnatal yoga for a while. But, I went back to work full time (half day in the office and the other half at home). Yoga started to become less and less of a priority. Little 'Ny, Hubs, the house, my job, finances all seemed to prevent me from practicing yoga. Two and half years later I am over weight and out of shape.

Yesterday I took my first yoga class. I say "first" because that is what if felt like. The class was taught by a teacher I didn't know. My hamstrings and back are tightened up again. My muscles are sore like the day after my first yoga class with Tony Sanchez. And, once again, I am inspired.

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