Tuesday, April 22, 2008

GIVEAWAY: green is the new black

If you haven't heard today is Earth Day. I have trying to do my part to by making small changes to my life to lighten my carbon footprint on our planet. Here is what I have done:

  • Brought my own coffee mug, water glass, bowl and utensils to the office instead of using the plasticwear and paper plates/bowls to help reduce waste and help the company expenses.
  • Traded in my gas guzzling Ford Explorer for my more efficient Toyota Rav4.
  • Switched from paper statements to e-statements.
  • Canceled catalogue subscriptions to reduce junk mail.

Some good resources:
Daily Green
Ideal Bite
An Inconvenient Truth

Some of my favorite "green" things:
California Baby
Kiss My Face Olive/Aloe Natural Moisturizer
Green Works
Jack Johnson's Sleep Through The Static
Yogi Tea

GIVEAWAY: Leave me a comment about a simple way you are trying to be more "green". On Sunday, April 27th at 9pm PT I will draw a number at random and I will send that person a copy of Organic Baby by Kimberly Rider.

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  1. The tots and I are walking to the library now instead of driving the 5 blocks.

  2. I guess my garden counts, right?
    We also make an effort to walk and bike whenever feasible.

    Great blog!

  3. We just got some chickens! Fresh eggs without the grocery store along with our garden. Also, just traded in our plastic sacks from the grocery for reusable ones (Thanks Kroger!)

    I'm having a contest, too! Come play!