Saturday, April 5, 2008

not quite ready

The potty train has been moving steadily this week. Little 'Ny has been going #1 in the potty at school and at home. We have finished the last pack of diapers and are now on to pull ups. She has not gotten swing of telling me that she has to go #1 before it happens, so I just ask her every 15 minutes if she has to go. I put her on the potty right when she wakes up, before dinner, before bath and before bed. This has been very successful for us. She has yet to go #2 in the potty, but we will get there.

This morning she said she didn't want to wear a pull up. She picked out a pink Dora the Explorer undie (I hate the word "panties" so Little 'Ny has learned to say "underwear") and I put aside a 3 more undies, 4 pull ups and 3 pairs of pants ... for back ups.

Things were going really well. I set the alarm on my cell phone for every 15 minutes to remind me to ask her if she needed to go to the potty. We even made a trip to Right Start to pick up a travel potty seat since we were going to the afternoon Padres game.

As soon as we got to the game I took Little 'Ny to the bathroom, busted out the new travel potty seat and she went #1 in the potty. Success! I felt confident that we had some time before she had to go again so we left Hubs at our seats and headed off to the kids' play area. On our way there I took note of the closest bathroom -- which, in hind sight, was really not that close.

When my cell alarm went off I asked her if she needed to go to the potty. She said no, but about 10 minutes later she came waddling over to me whimpering "Mommy, I go pee pee". But, when I picked her up I smelled something other than #1 ...

You guessed it ... she had a HUGE POOP in her undies!

In a panic I pulled out the wipes and bag and very, very quickly got her cleaned up. I didn't bother with the back up undies ... I quickly got a pull up and pants on her. Once she was redressed I realized that I probably should have done this in the bathroom NOT at the playground. Ugh ... so much for being discreet and aware of my surroundings. Double ugh (head in hands).

Tomorrow we will attempt the underwear again, but in a much more controlled setting (my parents house). I got my first public embarrassment out of the way and feel more confident that I will be able to handle this situation much better next time ... pull ups if we are in a very public setting that does not have a bathroom a hop and skip away (shaking my head side to side -- which is still being held in my hands).

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  1. Mistakes will happen (yours and hers!) but don't sweat it. It's moving along well. I used to set a timer, too, and my husband said I was conditioning my son to pee whwnever he heard a loud beep!! Rest assured, he hears beeps all the time now without wetting his pants :)