Sunday, April 6, 2008

cereal extraordinaire

I am a breakfast person (where my husband can eat ANYTHING for breakfast and often skips the meal all together). When I was pregnant I loved blueberry waffle, blueberry bagels, Breakfast can be a very dangerous meal -- carbs, carbs and more carbs. So I have always been in search of the perfect cereal.

Brooke Burke has 3 daughters and recently gave birth to a son ... and she looks PHENOMENAL! What is her secret? Well, she shares it in a post titled "My Diet" on her blog. I was instantly intrigued that Brooke eats Smart Start cereal. I wondered what is so special about this cereal? So, I looked it up and discovered:

I am sold! I get to eat a 1 1/4 cups which is only 220 calories and I get 5 grams of dietary fiber! I am picking up a box today.

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