Saturday, May 10, 2008

mother's day take 3

The past two Mother's Days have been doozies for me. Let's do a flash back ...
Mother's Day 2006
The Saturday evening Little 'Ny was eating dinner in her high chair when she started to choke on some noodles. I pull the tray off and she has projectile vomit all over me. I pull her out of the chair and run upstairs to the shower with her while Hubs cleans the mess up. I get her undressed only to find she also had diarrhea. So now I have vomit and runny baby poo all over me. While I am holding her in the shower she proceeds to pee just to finish the job off. After a very restless night I woke up to a very nice breakfast cooked by Hubs, flowers and a basket full of bubble bath stuff.

Mother's Day 2007
Little 'Ny came down with the flu (thank you day care) -- high fever, vomit and (yes, once again) diarrhea. I was up all night with her. That Sunday morning we had a wonderful brunch with the family (that still included diarrhea).
That brings us to Mother's Day 2008. This time I am going away ... just for the night. My friend's bachelorette is this weekend in Laguna Beach. We are spending the day at the spa -- treatments, delicious food and lounging by the pool. After a relaxing day we will have a bridal shower/dinner with plenty of cocktails and laughs. I will spend the night at the hotel and come back tomorrow for a Mother's Day lunch with the family. So, if Little 'Ny decides to have another vomit/diarrhea session this year it will be Hubs' problem, and that will be the best Mother's Day gift I could ever ask for!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you phenomenal moms!

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  1. What a great way to spend Mother's is truley a day for you that way.

    My mom got exactly what she wanted too.. dinner from her favorite place in the comfort of her kitchen.