Thursday, May 8, 2008

girls will be girls

Hubs is a guy's guy. He loves all sports with a passion ... football, hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer -- if The Ocho was real he would probably watch it. He works in construction, drinks beer, burps, farts and watches Cops. So, you can imagine what having a daughter has done to his world (see Monday's and Wednesday's post).

A couple of weeks ago I received my weekly Sesame Family Newsletter about raising kids without the stereotypes. It was so interesting reading a father's point of view on how to prevent his daughter from being overly influenced by the princess phenomena, teaching her how to be feisty, attempting to balance out the "girl" activities.

Little 'Ny is typically dressed in pink, but her favorite color is blue. She has received baby dolls as gifts, but she only plays with one of them occasionally. We have never pushed the Disney Princesses on her, but we have found that the concept of being a princess teaches good manners and habits. To balance that out Hubs plans on putting her in hockey as soon as he can.

But, what if we had a son? Would it be acceptible if I was raising him with less "boy" activities. How would people respond if he turned to me at the playground and said "See? I'm being SENSITIVE!"? I always giggle at the stories my friends who have sons tell me about the awkward moments.

I love having a daughter. It balances out my Hubs. I am not worried about the stereotypical influences she will encounter. Hubs will balance her out.

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  1. I love having a girl, too! And, I love having a boy. I worry about the stereotypes and the influences out there.... But, I still bought my daughter a princess doll.... And, I will read her the princess stories. But, I ask critical questions. I encourage her to think beyond the stereotypes. What's childhood without Cinderella?? ;)