Sunday, May 4, 2008

how to win daddy's heart

Today I had planned on us going to the grand opening of The New Children's Museum. Now, Hubs hates chaotic crowds of pushing parents and kids, plus today was game 5 of the New York Rangers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins were playing NHL Playoffs (he is a HUGE hockey fan). I could tell he didn't really want to go, so I said it would be okay if he didn't. He asked me if "okay" means he doesn't have to go but he is a %$@#, or does "okay" mean he doesn't have to go and I was fine. I responded with "you don't have to go, but you are a %$@# and that's fine."

About an hour later he was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Little 'Ny while I braided her hair. I told him Little 'Ny would probably miss him if he didn't come with us today, but if he didn't really want to go I didn't want him to be there all grumpy and ruin the experience. It was silent for a couple of minutes. Then in the most innocent voice (with no prompting from me -- I swear) Little 'Ny said "Daddy, you're my best friend." He looked at her, then me and said "I'm getting in the shower."

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  1. Oh my..that is SO sweet!!

    Smart Daddy too!!

  2. Nothing like starting to wrap Daddy around that little finger young!