Monday, May 5, 2008

the new children's museum

A couple of months ago I received a brochure about the The New Children's Museum. Last July when we were in Minnesota for Hubs' grandmother's birthday we took Little 'Ny to the Minnesota Children's Museum. She had a great time. So, I was really excited to see that we were getting a museum and the membership fee is so reasonable I couldn't pass it up.

On Saturday we were invited to a preview of the museum since we are "founding" members. Due to another downtown event parking was impossible, so we got to the preview event 30 minutes late. The line to get in was wrapped around the corner of the building. After waiting 20 minutes we realized we weren't going to get in. So, with much disappointment we headed home.

Sunday was grand opening and this time we got their an hour early and we found a great parking spot, but the line was just as long as the day before. They kept us entertained by passing out stickers, applying temporary tattoos, and blowing bubbles off the top balcony.

By the time they started letting people into the museum the line was wrapped around the building ... you could consider that we were practically at the front of the line. We checked out the toddler exploration room, the rock climbing room, and the painted bug. But, the display that really caught Little 'Ny's attention was the building blocks. One of her favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes is when Goofy is trying to build a birdie house. So, she kept trying to build her own.

Outside they had blocked off the street and lined it with corporate sponsor tables who passed out plenty of goodies for the kids. To kick off the grand opening there was a children's parade and lots of streamers. It was a great celebration!

We even got to meet the mayor.

Little 'Ny had such a good time she wanted to go back into the museum. We will have a lot of fun experiences there!

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  1. great shots! Have nice wednesday! Hope you can visit my corner too.