Friday, May 2, 2008

see 'ny run

Little 'Ny might be tiny for her age, but she seems to have big feet for a kid her size. And, like all kids she grows out of shoes FAST. Last month, I took her to Stride Rite to get her feet measured. While I was there I bought her a pair of white sandals. Unfortunately her feet are so narrow and she has low ankles these adorable sandals rubbed her little ankles raw!

I was on the hunt for new shoes for her. I remembered a while back Secret Agent Josephine wrote a post about a pair of shoes Baby Bug was wearing. I thought they were adorable, so I checked out the company website: See Kai Run. All of their shoes are really adorable!

So, two weeks ago I took Little 'Ny for another shoe sizing ... this time at Nordstrom. To my delight they carry some select See Kai Run shoes. They are perfect -- soft around the ankles, great support and flexibility for a preschooler on the run, and good protection for tiny toes. But, because she is so petite the ankle straps were too long. The sales woman offered to have the Nordstrom Shoe Repair try to fix the ankle straps for us (this is why I love Nordstrom -- Little 'Ny loves them for their balloons).

On Wednesday, I picked up Little 'Ny's new shoes with perfectly fitting straps:

Don't you just love the detailing on the shoes -- just a hint of faux fur or the sweet silver stars. I wish they made shoes in my size!

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