Friday, May 16, 2008


After school I took Little 'Ny to the bookstore as promised. We did our usual routine of reading ALL the Dora the Explorer books and playing with the train set. After about an hour I realized it was time to grab some dinner.

The hot day yesterday turned into a very pleasant evening outside, so we headed over to Rubio's to pick up some food. If you have never eaten at a Rubio's you must eat at one if you ever visit San Diego and have a fish taco. You will be very happy you did. Little 'Ny loves their quesadilla and beas, but when you ask her if she wants a quesadilla she corrects your pronunciation: que-sa-DI-YA.

We ate our dinner by the fountain in the shopping center courtyard. Little 'Ny loved watching the ripples in the water. She played with some of the other kids there jumping off the rocks, running around the fountain, splashing the water and running away from the bees.

It was a very relaxing afternoon.

Thumbs Up

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  1. She looks so serene, just sitting there. I think I miss out on those moments, having 2 boys. Serenity is not their thing.
    Does little 'Ny like Charlie and Lola books? My little one, Isaiah, is all about Charlie and Lola this week :)