Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day to the men in our lives

Little 'Ny and I are very blessed to have these 4 men in our lives ...

Hubs / Daddy

Since they day Little 'Ny was born every one has said she is a "mini me". But, as she is getting older more of her Daddy's features and personality are coming out:

  • big ears that kind of stick out (thank goodness she has a gorgeous head of hair to hide them)
  • big feet (she has very good balance)
  • a perfectly upturned nose
  • abdominal muscle control (I will have to get a video of this)
  • passion for singing and making up silly songs
  • a loud voice
  • stubborn
  • loves to cuddle and snuggle
  • and, a very silly sense of humor!

Dad / Lolo

My dad is an amazing man. There is no one like him. He has the patience of a saint, the most loving heart and is so generous. I look up to my dad and thank every day that I am his daughter. I have always been his little girl, but since the day Little 'Ny was born he has been smitten with her. He is wrapped around her little finger. And, Little 'Ny just adores him. They have an amazing relationship. I thank every day that she has him in her life.

Father-in-law / Pops

My FIL (father-in-law) lives about an hour and half away from us. We see him once a month for dinner while he is town for business and on most major holidays. But, even though we don't see him often Little 'Ny just adores him. She asks to call him or mentions that she misses him almost every day. This past week she has been creating a sticker collage as a "Pop's Day" gift. (I won't mention to him that she works on it while she is sitting on the potty!)

Step-father-in-law / Grandpa

My SFIL (step-father-in-law) is always there offering laughter, parental advice and support when needed. The name "grandpa" was the hardest for Little 'Ny to say, but now that she can say it she doesn't stop whenever we are at his house. She loves to lounge in his lap whenever he is sitting in his barca lounger. She loves to squirt him with water when we are in the pool. The other day while he was taking a nap Little 'Ny wanted to wake him up, so she snuck into his bedroom stuck a sticker to the bottom of his foot and blew bubbles on his feet trying to tickle him.

SIDE NOTE: The death of Tim Russert is so sudden and sad. It is good to know that he spent some quality time with his wife and son just days before his passing. He was a good father.

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  1. AnonymousJune 17, 2008

    Awesome tribute to the fathers in your life.. Little Ny is very lucky (you too)