Friday, June 27, 2008

UPDATE - LOST: baby pounce

Baby Pounce is a Beanie Baby cat given to her this past Christmas by her "good friend" Uncle Derek. This little cat is the closest she is ever going to get to having a pet cat since I am terribly allergic to cats. She takes him everywhere and calls him her "baby".

Yesterday, Baby Pounce went missing at Little 'Ny's school. We looked every where for him. She says another kid took it, but no one knows or has seen him. She keeps asking for him, but doesn't seem too sad about it ... yet. To take his place right now she is cuddled up to the teddy bear I bought for her, but she refuses to take him to school for fear of losing him.

UPDATE: One of Little 'Ny's teachers found Baby Pounce wedged between the play kitchen and art cabinet. So, this weekend we got her a backpack that Baby Pounce can "sleep in" when she isn't cuddling him.


  1. awe, sooo sad!!! And I was just commenting on how cute he/she was!!

    Rt still has his teddy bear you gave him in his bed collection. :D

  2. AnonymousJuly 02, 2008

    Good news :-)