Monday, June 30, 2008

the next phase

Little 'Ny is turning 3 in just a few weeks. We have kept her in a crib since she hasn't attempted to climb out and planned on converting it to a toddler bed around her 3rd birthday. Here we are 3 years ago putting her crib together:

building the crib

crib ... check!

Recently she has been attempting to climb into her crib. So, Hubs and I decided to convert it a little earlier than planned. It is actually a bit sad ... she is no longer a baby, she is a little girl.

big girl bed

With this new phase of her life (and her bed) comes freedom and decision making. So far she has not tested her new opportunities. But, I know the nights of her getting out of bed and wandering into our room are soon to come. Until then, may our sleep be undisturbed.

1 comment:

  1. She's so sweet. They grow up way too fast!

    We never bothered converting the crib when Boo outgrew it (she was two and too tall for her crib!), so we just put the mattress on the floor. We figured it was less distance to fall. Eventually we got a twin mattress and worked it up into a frame with bedrails.