Thursday, June 5, 2008

the social network tango

Where have I been? Why haven't I been writing posts?

I have been tweeting ... I have been plurking ... I have been flickring ... I have been tracking my diet.

Between a full time job, being a parent, trying to be a good wife, and having a life I am also networking. My head is spinning over all of these social network and there are so many more out there I don't even know about. In some respects I am so "behind the times". But, what some of you don't know is that I have been blogging since early 2005. I started a blog when we bought our condo and Little 'Ny was born. We have family and friends all over the country and I found it was the easiest way to keep people up to date with our busy lives. The blog still exists privately, but is has fallen by the wayside due to all of these other balls I am juggling.

I started this blog as my personal journal to keep me on track of my 2006 resolutions. I discovered that this "hobby" was my creative outlet since I spent my working hours focused on project plans, developing website architectures in Visio and drafting specs. Then I discovered maybe this "hobby" could make me some pocket money (that has yet to happen). Enter social networking.

So, how do I keep all of this social networking under control? Where do I focus my efforts before start spreading myself too thin that nothing gets done or I am forced to give up a few more precious hours of sleep a night. How to I keep my creativity flowing while trying to get people out there to come here?

What do you guys like to use for your social networking if you are not using Twitter or Plurk?


  1. I'm still mostly using Twitter, but I went to Plurk because I saw you did!

    I still want blogging to be my main focus online, and I'm a little concerned that social networking is distracting me from my goal. It is fun, and you get to interact with people, but it doesn't give me the creative buzz that blogging does. I'm also reading everybody less. To me, it is the equivalent of chatting in class when we should be doing our homework. After all, unless I'm trying to market something or work in the internet biz, who am I really "networking" with?

  2. While plurk is neat & colorful & new, I think I'll stick with the simplicity that is twitter. My blog will continue to be my main area of focus. Twitter is fun to interact with other's whose blogs I read & to promote on-line frienships. "Tweet" you later!

  3. I don't use either. I mostly use CafeMom, and I've found a lot of blogging mommas there.

  4. AnonymousJune 09, 2008

    twitter,plurk,flickr,blogging..I use them all but feel like I should consentrate on only two..not sure what to do..

  5. Addicted to Plurk, dabble in Twitter and blog, but all are so time consuming that I often feel overloaded myself.

  6. blog and twitter. facebook when I remember I have it...