Monday, June 23, 2008

text message from my mom

When my parents went to the Philippines in (their first time back in 40 years) easiest way for my mom to communicate with me on almost a daily basis was via text messaging. She has learned short cuts that I don't think even teenagers use. I am not good a text messaging. I have to use correct grammar and fully spell out words. So, sometimes when my mom text messages me it takes me a while to figure out what she is trying to tell me.

On Saturday I went to my friend's wedding at the Hotel del Coronado.

Since Hubs was in New York for the weekend my parents stayed at the hotel with me to babysit Little 'Ny. While I was at the wedding and reception they took her down to the beach.

Again my mom and I used text messaging to keep in contact. Her first text message read:
We r next 2 d rocks left side back of our bldg. D is bldg. sand castles!

Her next text message read:
We r still on d beach having 10 dollar hot dogs.

Next message read:
D doesnt want 2 leave d beach. Ate most of her dog. I wil have 2 put her in d tub!

Final text message read:
We r settled in room. D had bath but I didnt wash hair. Shes playing doc with Lolo as patient. Ate 2 much n evry now n then sez she has 2 poop or throw up.

I have never laughed so hard at a text message.

NOTE: In Tagalog Lolo means "grandpa" and Lola means "grandma".


  1. OMG that made me laugh outloud.

    I went to that hotel about 20 years ago..we were there for a day trip. What a beautiful place for a wedding.

    I bet you were the belle of the ball w/ your new rawkin haircut!!

  2. Very cute. Love the suit too.

  3. OMG! Those texts are too funny! My little sister texts all the time and I can't even keep up and half the time I have no clue what she is talking about!