Saturday, July 19, 2008

a little of each

A Little of Daddy:

Yesterday I put a temporary tattoo of a puppy on Little 'Ny's forearm. This morning she told me "Mommy, my tattoo is coming off." I told her that it looked fine and probably won't come off for a couple of days. She then told me "No, Mommy, I want a tattoo like Daddy's Donald Duck."

He was so proud.

Daddy & Little 'Ny

(See the tattoo on Hubs' shoulder ... no that is not a cocker spaniel, it is Donald Duck with long hair. It was his first tattoo he got when he was 17.)

A Little of Mommy:

I love clothes. My favorite job was working for a large retail company producing their websites and email campaigns. Part of our employee benefits was a HUGE discount on their clothes. As you can imaging a good portion of my salary went to my wardrobe.

Little 'Ny seems to be appreciating fashion too. For her birthday I got her a Dora the Explorer bathing suit ... she loves it!

We have got our hands full!


  1. Oh wow, what a tattoo! I loved Donald growing up. And Dora rocks my socks!! She is such a cutie.

  2. Yea... I meant little 'Ny is the cutie, not Dora... HAHA

  3. Best of both worlds, exactly as our children should be :)