Thursday, July 17, 2008

SYTYCD - Week 6

So You Think You Can Dance is at a point in the competion where they break up the couples you have gotten used to and have grown to love. This is where you start to see the strongest dancers and some unbelievable performances. Which is what happened tonight.

Just to repeat ... this is just my personal opinion made BEFORE the judges give their comments and I don't alter what I write after they give their comments. So here goes ...

Courtney G & Joshua - Excellent choreography! She did great for never danced pop before. Joshua just rocked it!

Chelsie H - Good, but I always feel for the dancers that are used to being paired. I always thing they have a disadvantage doing their solos.

Kherington & Mark - Yikes ... turns were not in sync. A bit sloppy. Her legs were not together when he through her around. Felt like the hands were not connecting. No real chemistry.

Gev - Great tricks and show some great control!

Comfort & Twitch - Good effort & good chemistry, but you could see their lack in training. It looked a mature.

Courtney G - I really like her. She did an incredible solo!

Katee & Will - Fabulous! The best pair performance of the night. Everything was in sync. There was great chemistry. I really enjoyed it!

Mark - He is so much fun to watch because of how quirky he is, but you can tell he lacks some training.

Chelsie H & Gev - It is great to see how much she trusts her partner. She always looks so light on her feet. He always surprises me be really taking on a dance style. it was my second favorite pair performance.

Comfort - She is really lucky to be back on this show. I think she is good at what she does, but I did not think this was her best solo.

Twitch - He is amazing! Enough said.

Courtney G & Joshua - Excellent! Wow ... I am shocked at how great that performance was. He is still my favorite guy this season. She look gorgeous.

Katee - Strongest female dancer in this competition.

Kherington & Mark - Fun routine. I think it gave them a break to just enjoy themselves.

Will - Shear perfection. He is an amazing dancer.

Comfort & Twitch - So much fun to see them dancing together in their style! He is amazing!

Kherington - She is beautiful and a good dancer ... but, not as good as either Katee or Courtney G.

Katee & Will - Incredible choreography. Great chemistry. I believe she is the only female dancer that can compare to him. Just stunning.

Joshua - He brought it tonight! This boy is in it to win it.

Chelsie H & Gev - Dang! What my DVR on fast forward? Those dance moves were so fast I couldn't see an error. She is amazing! And, I am impressed that he tried to keep up.


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  1. Great synopsis! I'm an addict as well... can't wait til the finale.

    I came via plurk... really like your blog; and your daughter is gorgeous!