Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SYTYCD - Week 4

So You Think You Can Dance had some great performances tonight. Just to repeat ... this is just my personal opinion made BEFORE the judges give their comments and I don't alter what I write after they give their comments. So here goes ...


Jessica & Will - The beginning started out slow for me, but it really picked up. He is an amazing dancer and can do no wrong for me. She still doesn't quite rock my world, but I think she is getting better.

Comfort & Thayne - Some very interesting choreography. She is so beautiful out of her b-girl clothes. They have a good chemistry. I thought it was good.

Kourtni L & Matt - The choreography was good for them since they are both contemporary dancers. But, I thought is was not very good. He was better than her. I thought they were too fluid when they should be hitting those hard moves.

Chelsie H & Mark - They have great chemistry together. She is so light on her feet. He impresses me more and more every week. Thought they were GREAT!

Kherington & Twitch (a.k.a. Twitchington) - HOT! They are another couple that work so well together. There were some parts where they were not in sync, but I liked it.

Katee & Joshua - AMAZING! This choreography worked for both of them. Utilized Joshua's dance style. He rocks me every week. I think they have great chemistry too.

Courtney G & Gev - I thought she was hard hitting and did excellent. I thought he was smooth.


Jessica & Will - Wow ... he is HOT! This is the best performance they have done so far for me. But, I didn't really notice her because he was HOT!

Comfort & Thayne - Considering her dance training I thought she did excellent. It was good.

Kourtni L & Matt - Here is my fear about these two ... I don't think they can really dance excellent outside of their style. There were no hips. It was not down into the ground enough. I loved their facial expressions ... they looked cute, but not passionate. But, the dancing was not good.

Chelsie H & Mark - Excellent! She continues to be my favorite. He did really well too!

Kherington & Twitch (a.k.a. Twitchington) - Incredible. Twitch was incredible. The choreography was incredible. Kherington really showed her different emotions tonight ... not one huge smile. Incredible.

Katee & Joshua - It was good. There were some phenomenal parts. I love Benji, so this choreography could do no wrong for me!

Courtney G & Gev - Fun routine. Really used that stage. It was good.


P.S. I did not like Kat's dress or hair tonight.

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