Sunday, July 6, 2008

proud to be an american

Every Fourth of July my in laws throw a party at their house. They have a home that is perfect for parties and it is located right next to a local high school that puts on a decent firework show. My mother-in-law decks the entire house out with red, white and blue. And, this year it was Little 'Ny's turn to put pinwheels all around the back yard. She had never played with a pinwheel, so it was quite a novelty to her.

fourth of July pinwheel

It was a perfect San Diego day for a pool and BBQ party. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, just lots of bubbles!

bubbles in the sky

We brought over Little 'Ny's bubble machine which blows out GIGANTIC bubbles that sometimes have smaller bubbles inside of them. It kept her quite occupied until the batteries died before the party even really began.

chasing bubbles

NOTE: Yes, the woman statue on top of the fountain has a tankini painted on her. The previous owners of my in laws house were Mormon and did not feel comfortable having a naked woman gracing their backyard. So, they "clothed" her. Dooce would appreciate it.

Once the bubble machine stopped working it was time to hit the pool. I have not pictures of this because Little 'Ny had me in the pool for 3 hours straight. She did not want to come out. All of the swimming lessons are paying off. We practiced her going under the water swimming to the step, swimming from the step to me, then swimming from me to her Lolo (my dad). The only reason she would get out of the pool was because the sun was starting to set and the hamburgers were ready.

After we ate I had to divert her from the pool, so I opened up her new pack of sidewalk chalk that her Grandma had gotten her. I have to say that the highlight of my entire day (even better than the fireworks) was when Little 'Ny copied my drawing of a sun. She is turing into quite an artist!

drawing her first chalk sun

Even though I am still quite sick I had a wonderful Fourth of July. I will leave you with a video of the firework show we watched from the backyard. Tell me, what did you do to celebrate?

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