Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome to Diaperfreeville!

It has been a year long journey on the Potty Train. We have taken pit stops, charged full speed ahead, even derailed a couple of times, but we finally made it to our destination of Diaperfreeville! It was worth the trip.

A year ago we started the potty training process. Taking Little 'Ny to buy her potty. We tried using a potty chart. We tried bribing with jelly beans and M&Ms. I took her shopping for "big kid" underwear. We got her a potty seat. We switched her to pull ups.

She progressed through the typical stages of potty training. We never pushed her. We pulled out our hair were patient. We tried underwear days a couple times (those were timed with laundry days). The teachers at her school helped her along too. But, no matter what we did she could never quite break herself totally free from the security of pull-ups.

Do I look back and wish we hadn't done pull ups ... no. Little 'Ny is not the kind of kid to just jump right in. She has always been the kind of kid that eases herself into situations. Pull-ups were good for her.

Little 'Ny is turning 3 next week and is schedule to move up to the 3 year old class. Her school wants to begin the transition process (putting her in the 3 year old class a few hours a day). Her best friend is a week younger than her, but has been in "big girl" undies for a couple of months now. The plan is to transition the girls together since they are so attached to each other. But, the fact that Little 'Ny is still in pull-ups has prevented this from happening.

So, I pulled out the big guns -- Trader Joe's mini peanut butter cups. On Saturday I told her I would give her half of one if she would wear her "big girl" undies and I would give her the second half if she told me when she needed to go potty when she needed to.


Naptime and bedtime she is still wearing a "good night" pull up. During her waking hours she has been proudly sporting her "big girl" undies.

Today I sent her to school in her "big girl" undies (along with two changes of clothes) and warned her teachers. I expected to find her this afternoon in the last back up outfit I provided. I was thrilled when I saw her in the outfit I put her in this morning. She spent the day in the 3 year old class (with her best friend by her side) and didn't have one accident!

We have arrived! There are no CostCo size boxes of Huggies in Diaperfreeville. There are no poopie diapers in Diaperfreeville. I like it here!


  1. Congratulations! Boo was nearly three before the light came fully on. Glad to hear that you can now find a better use for the money spent on pull-ups! Starbucks anyone?

  2. Congrats!!! What a welcomed relief!! Go 'Ny!

  3. What a HUGE accomplishment.. Happy Birthday and Congratulations!!

  4. Congrats! I am so trying to get there too. Look forward to meeting up with you in Diaperfreeville :-)